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About Me

Hello! Welcome to my web site.

Hi.  My name is Louise and I am 32 years old... eek.  I am from Cwmbran in South Wales where I lived until 6 and a bit years ago.  I now live in Berkshire with my partner Steve.

I love to travel and go as much as I can afford to.  Check out my travel page for pictures!  One day I will be rich and travel all the time. That's the plan at least.

I love rock and grunge music and, given a decent club, will still bounce away till the wee hours!  Fav bands are Matchbox Twenty, Stereophonics, Lifehouse, Staind, Juliette & the Licks, the new left and Linkin Park.

I first met Steve when I was 16, when he was dating my friend Naomi.  No, no funny business then, in fact I barely saw him after they split up until I started Uni in 92.  I was traveling back and fir college with friends Wayne and Nick.  Nick (who drove) did not think I would know Steve and so did not mention to me that he thought I may know him.  I was shocked when he got in the car and he was fine with me.

Wayne doing his bulldog impressionStill no funny business, Steve was with a girl called Sarah and was with her for a few more years to come. After college I did not really see him until Wayne arranged a night out. We became friends and, what with us both being single at this point, things developed!!! So now here we are 4 and bit years later!

My Stevon!Wayne is in the picture above with two of his closest friends in the background. To the left is my Stevon, as he is now!





EmmaMy best friend Emma and I have known each other since we were 13.  Emma is a mad bird, as mad as me so we get on well.  Although we had not been as close until 6 years ago, Emma for a while lived near me and even shared a flat with Simmie.  Emma now lives back in Wales with 2 fab gay guys! But not for much longer as she has purchased a flat!


Ilda & SteveThis is Ilda and Steve. I met Ilda at work and at her gym classes called BLT (Burning, lunges and torture, only kidding bums,legs,and tums)!! Ilda and Steve have become very good friends of Steve and me. In fact we regularly have sing offs on the Singstar on Playstation 2!!


Ian & Jo

Jo & Ian

I have known these 2 for about 10 years!!! Met at work and stayed firm friends since! They have a little boy Ryan now. Ian can always be trusted to embarris me with a trusty gag.


Stu & Tatjana

Stu & TatsStuart is Steve's longest friend. They have been friends for something made like near on 20 years. Tatjana and Stu move all over the place. We've been to visit them in London, Wiesbadden, Germany and Beijing, China. Now they are in Chennai in India and we hope to see them there next year if not the year after!





This is Mr Boofers.  He is my Mum's cat, & his proper name is Ginger.  But Mr Boofers is his stage name (that's Monsieur Bwaffers in French).  He is probably the most adored cat in the world. 

This is Sharlie.

Sharlie Farlie

& this is Willow


They are my Cats. Both retired queens. Which means they lived in a breeding cattery, until we met them. Thanks again to Emma the Kitty Liaison officer!! Steve fell in love with Sharlie at first site and the rest is history. Apart from Willow came with 5 free clones. As in she had 5 lovely kittens which I re-homed and still get updates on!


MatchBox 20

I am a huge fan of Matchbox Twenty, in case you hadn't gathered from the front page...  I heard Push first, as long ago as 1998, when Steve and I visited Stuart Daniels - his longest mate - in Ann Arbor in Michigan.  But it was not until the success of Smooth did I really get into them and now I drive everyone mad with them! HE HE.  I likes Rob I does. And hurray for the return of the doo!