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The rug is very similar in concept to what I once saw described as "The Garage". It's where you want to sit or park your favourite famous people, those that you would like to be stuck on a desert island with.

Em's Rug started it all off, and has become legendary in its stature.  It's also what sparked off the idea of having a "rug", and catapulted this ever growing collection. So here's who we have so far!!

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There are now a staggering 19 rugs on here now!!!

EmsEmma's Rug
The one that started it all off!

LooLoo's Rug


Recently updated!

SteveSteve's Rug



PocketPocket's Rug

ChrisChris's Rug

Ian, aka The SmithThe Smith's Rug

Diran Diran's Rug

GauravGaurav's Rug


Steve B's Rug

Fisher's Rug

Recently updated!

DorisLouisa's Rug

Recently updated!

Gil's Rug

Ramy's Rug

Sian's Rug

Jo's Rug

Mucker's ladeeeeez

Samuel's Rug

JIM's Rug

Deb!Debra's Rug

Recently updated!

Cheeky, Chester,Matthew!!!

Cheeky's Rug

Rude Boy

Fowler's Rug



Tamsin's Rug


Ilda's Rug
















Want your own rug?
Here's what you need to do:

E-mail your list to loo@louiise.com.  It helps tremendously if you can send in photos of your favourite people, but if you're really struggling then let me know, and I'll dig a few out for you.  Be warned that I'll probably add Jeremy Clarkson in, just to p1ss you off.